Speciation in Islands


marta_web2P.I.: Marta Barluenga

Research interests

In my research group we are interested in the origins of biodiversity and the process of formation of new species. We are interested in the molecular mechanisms that underlie evolutionary innovation and diversification.

Research organisms

Our model systems are the adaptive radiations of Neotropical cichlids in crater lakes

fotos_martaBioinformatic, analytic, experimental skills

  • Molecular biology experimental skills: DNA, RNA extraction; PCR amplification & cloning; Sequencing. preparation of libraries for NGS.
  • Bioinformatic skills: Users of NGS softwares & tools, Working knowledge on all major sequence, structure database and analysis tools; Genetics software

Lab website: http://www.beb-mncn.es/index.php/marta-barluenga

E-mail: marta.barluenga@mncn.csic.es