Arthropod Systematics & Evolution


P.I.: Miquel Arnedo

Research interests

The main motivation behind our research is to understand the origins of biological diversity. Our research focuses on inventorying biodiversity and unveiling the processes that shape temporal and spatial dynamics of life. We study biological evolution in a phylogenetic framework, boosting traditional natural history approaches with modern molecular tools to infer genealogical information, delimit species and accelerate biological inventories. We conduct most of my research on isolated ecosystems (e.g. oceanic islands, caves and mountain tops), which provide test-tube like conditions for the study of evolution, and use spiders and related arthropods as model organisms.

oferta_tesi_2Research organisms

Spiders and their allies (arthropods)

Bioinformatic, analytic, experimental skills

  • Data sanitizing, mining and remote analyses of genome and transcriptome data.
  • Phylogenetic and phylogeographic analyses, including dating and species delimitation.
  • Standard molecular biology techniques, including DNA and RNA Sanger and Illumina sequencing, RADseqs.

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