Systems Biology in Yeast of Biotechnological Interest (SBYBI)

P.I.: Eladio Barrio Esparducer
Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA) – CSIC
Department of Genetics, University of Valencia

P.I.: David Peris Navarro
Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA) – CSIC

Research interests

Yeasts are responsible of many biotechnological processes, such as the production of fermented foods and beverages, biomass, ethanol, proteins, vitamins, pigments, and flavoring compounds. These yeasts of biotechnological interest are highly specialized organisms evolved to utilize their full potential under a variety of environments and ecological niches. We are interested in the understanding of the mechanisms involved in these processes of adaptation to industrial settings that have shaped the yeast genomes.

We are also interested in the speciation mechanisms acting in wild yeasts to generate the vast amount of yeast biodiversity.

Research organisms

We have a traditional work with Saccharomyces species, including S. cerevisiae, also known as “baker” yeast. However, there are seven additional Saccharomyces species, as well as interspecies hybrids with properties of industrial interest. In recent years, we are also expanding our studies to non-Saccharomyces species.

Bioinformatics, analytic, experimental skills

We are experts in different ‘omic’ high-throughput methods: whole genome sequencing (Illumina and PacBio libraries), yeast genome assembly and annotation pipelines, comparative genomics, population genomics and phenomics (RNA-Seq and metabolomics).

Eladio Barrio Esparducer
Profesor Titular, Genética, UV

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David Peris Navarro
Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow

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