Conservation & Evolutionary Genetics Group

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  • Carles Vilà
  • Jennifer Leonard

Research interests

We use molecular tools to study the evolution of diversity, and assist in its conservation. Our research focuses on the processes that have led to the origin of the diversity of southeast Asian small mammals and south American frogs. We also study the genetic structure of wild populations and changes in the genetic diversity through time. Finally, we also investigate the process of domestication of mammals.

Research organisms

  • Neotropical and Iberian frogs
  • Small mammals from southeast Asia
  • Wolves and dogs
  • Eurasian quails

Bioinformatic, analytic, experimental skills

  • Phylogenetic comparative methods.
  • Biogeography using panels of nuclear and mitochondrial markers.
  • Landscape genetics. Noninvasive monitoring of wild populations.
  • Assessing hybridization and introgression.
  • Reduced representation
  • Next Generation Sequencing.

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