Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (CSIC – MNCN)

cropped-HeaderAdaptNet4-1.jpgSpeciation in Islands

In my research group we are interested in the origins of biodiversity and the process of formation of new species. We are interested in the molecular mechanisms that underlie evolutionary innovation and diversification…(+)



MILAb_zosterops borbonicusAvian Evolutionary & Conservation Genomics

We study the evolutionary processes that generate and maintain biodiversity, and use phenotypic, genetic and genomic data to infer the evolutionary and demographic history of lineages, investigate the role of selection in divergence and speciation… (+)



glycera_fallaxEvolutionary Genomics Lab

Deep phylogenies (Annelida and other groups), Mitogenomics, Evo-Devo of Annelida, Evolution of arthropod-endosymbiont relationships, Venom evolution (focus on annelids)…(+)



cassis tuberosaPhylogenomics & Comparative Transcriptomics of Gastropods

We are interested in evolutionary processes associated to the generation of biodiversity. We infer statistically robust phylogenetic frameworks that allow us reconstructing the evolution of morphological and behavioral traits, as well as understanding the historical generation of current biogeographical patterns. (+)