Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

pediculus_humanusEvolutionary Genomics & Bioinformatics

The research seeks to understand the mechanisms underlying molecular evolution, from DNA and gene family levels to the origin and nature of genetic, while also uses molecular data to study the evolutionary history of organisms… (+)



Field-LabEvo-Devo & Genomics of Gene Loss

Our group is interested in understanding the impact of gene loss on the evolution of mechanisms of development and its roles as a potential adaptive evolutionary force upon sudden environmental changes. Currently, we have two main lines of research. First, we study gene losses …. (+)


kau_webArthropod Systematics & Evolution

The main motivation behind our research is to understand the origins of biological diversity. Our research focuses on inventorying biodiversity and unveiling the processes that shape temporal and spatial dynamics of life…. (+)




Evolutionary Genetics

Genetics of introduced species, population genetics, introduction pathways and adaptive potential · Analyses of connectivity and selection processes across geographical gradients · Adaptation studies to environmental change · Identification of cryptic species · Conservation genetics in endangered species. (+)


10584_origPlanarian Biology & Evolution

Our main research interest is to characterize the major events and processes creating and shaping the diversity and distribution of living organisms. With this objective we are using as model organisms freshwater and terrestrial planarians in two hotspots of biodiversity: The Mediterranean basin and the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. (+)


8568980635_4b2ac0f019_bMolecular Population Genetics

We are interested in understanding adaptive change and how adaptations are maintained through time. We work on chromosomal polymorphism that is widespread in the Drosophila genus with evidence for being adaptive. (+)