Universitat de València (UV)

HCVEvolution and Health: Molecular epidemiology

My research groups works at the interface of population genetics, molecular evolution, genomics and epidemiology through the analysis of genetic and genomic variability of microorganisms with two goals… (+)



virus UVEvolution & Health: Experimental Evolution

We study the processes of spontaneous mutation in viruses, since these are the ultimate source of genetic variation and a key factor determining their great variability and adaptability. We are also interested in how virus-virus social-like interactions shape… (+)



Systems Biology in Yeast of Biotechnological Interest (SBYBI)

We are interested in the understanding of the mechanisms involved in these processes of adaptation to industrial settings that have shaped the yeast genomes.Yeasts are responsible of many biotechnological processes, such as the production of fermented foods and beverages, biomass, ethanol, proteins, vitamins, pigments, and flavoring compounds… (+)