AdaptNET is a network of research laboratories working on adaptation genomics from different perspectives, including molecular systematics, evolutionary and functional genomics, and theoretical analyses, in a variety of organisms, from model and non-model organisms to wild and domestic species. Through research meetings and short research stays, we aimed at boosting our understanding on the genomic mechanisms underlying the generation and maintenance of biodiversity.

In 2002, thanks to the financing of a special action of the Ministry of Education and Science (REN2001-4823E / GLO), REDES (Thematic Network on Biodiversity, Molecular Evolution and Systematics) was created. In the initial project, which was led by Rafael Zardoya (Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, CSIC, Madrid) researchers from various universities and the CSIC were involved. These researchers represented the different thematic areas and levels of organization of Biodiversity and Evolution. The main objective of the project was to create a network that would serve as a meeting point and of integration of Spanish researchers working on issues related to the study of biodiversity using molecular markers. This objective was pursued through different actions such as creating a Web portal (http://redesmoleculares.csic.es/redesmoleculares/), a discussion group (biodiversidadmolecular@yahoogroups.com) and several initiatives to give cohesion and increase information flow between Spanish researchers. This initial project was completed in 2004. Subsequently the renewal of this project was requested by the following researchers: Pablo Vargas (2005-2007) of the Royal Botanical Garden (CSIC) in Madrid, Julio Rozas Liras (2008-2009) at the University of Barcelona and Hernan Dopazo ( 2009-2011) Center Principe Felipe Research.

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AdapNet is funded by the MINECO (CGL2015-71726-REDT).